About Shadow Bregman

My name is Shadow Bregman. I am a twelve year old (we think) Black Labrador rescue dog that has lived with my family for about ten years. In that time, I have learned many life lessons which I hope to pass on to the children that read this book. It can be read by itself or read to a child by their parents who take them through each “Shadow Lesson”. I think it would be great for bedtime reading.

I live with my Daddy who has translated for me. We live in Del Mar California in a big house with a pool on a street where I meet many other dogs. We are also near the beach.

My Daddy is retired now but was in advertising and marketing for many years and has written three other books: Spray the Bear – Reminiscences from the Golden Days of Advertising, Seven Friends Sixty Years Later, and My Box of Chocolates -An Anecdotal Biography.

You might be interested to know that my daddy and I are donating all the proceeds from this book to Best Friends, a wonderful animal rescue charity.